Five Things We’re Looking for at Front Desk

It SEEMS like a fun place to work. Is Dream State’s front desk the right place for you? Here’s EXACTLY what we’re looking for in an ideal front desk manager!

As Calm and Meticulous as a British Concierge in a Hurricane 

This job is a million details that have to be remembered - none of them can be missed - and they mostly come flying at you all at once. Can you handle 50 requests that all have to be quickly jotted down and then immediately followed up on, and you have to swiftly decide which ones first? All while remaining calm and with a genuine, relaxed smile that says “Oh, did the Germans attack today? Well, we shall certainly discuss that after tea.”

As Available as the Mother of a Toddler

Our long term goal is to be able to hire grad students, etc. But right now, our structure (a tight, full-time four-person team) means that everyone who wants to work on the Front Desk has to be available for pretty much whatever schedule we need. “I can’t do Friday mornings” is something we’d like to be able to accommodate, but right now we need people who can handle pretty much any 40-hour schedule we assign, and can handle it changing if someone else is out sick, wins the lottery, etc. When we call and say, “You’re on for Sunday,” that means you’re on for Sunday. We’ll make an exception if you’re getting married on that Sunday, but that’s about it.

Dance With the One You Came With

It costs us a LOT of money to train a Front Desk person, because our standards are really high. We are only interested in people who take this investment seriously and can commit for two years, minimum. Yes, this means we expect you to turn down a better job if it comes along.

It’s Gonna Get Weird

You gotta touch people, like literally. At Dream State, everyone shampoos, everyone hand massages, everyone is expected to get up close and personal with guests. We touch people, and we connect. If that freaks you out but you’re willing to get over it, you’ll be fine. (We all got used to it.) 


You’re gonna get your hands dirty.

At Dream State, no one is above toilet cleaning, and we expect you to kind of like it. Not love it, but also not think it’s cruel and unusual punishment. We all get our hands right into any problem. Sometimes we wear gloves. 

There are also these amazing devices called computers. We are ALWAYS experimenting with and learning better ways to use them, so learning new programs and software is just part of the daily job. One day, they will rise up and enslave us. Until then we need to get as much out of them as possible.

Our Work Is No Joke - But Everything Else Is

We’re going to expect you to think of what happens in the salon as your responsibility. You have to be able to worry about things that aren’t even officially your job, just because you care. If you think a job is where you go and get paid to do what someone tells you, this is not the place for you. We expect you to “own” the job, the client’s experience, our reputation… to own it and improve it. If that doesn’t make sense, this isn’t the place for you. When it comes to taking care of our guests, we are INTENSE and NOT PLAYING AROUND. 

When we’re not on top of taking care of a guest, though, we’re totally playing around. The people who work out best at the desk? They have sly senses of humor and are great at human observation. We don’t make fun of clients, but pretty much the rest of the time it’s joke cracking. Think record store, but without the bitter hopelessness.

Think This Might Be the Place for You?

Um… then why aren’t you applying? Seriously. Get to it.