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Definition of a Stylist

We are artists and artisans, sculptors and painters of human canvases. 

We work with organic, living material, and it is physically attached to the client who commissioned the work. We usually do not see this material or its condition until a few minutes before we begin our work. We use chemicals, sharp edges and our hands to sculpt and paint the work.

We often spend only a few minutes discussing the client's needs and aspirations, even though our work is fundamental to how they experience their lives.
We assess them physically, emotionally, and psychologically before we initiate transformation, and we base our work both consciously and intuitively on everything we see and hear. We collaborate with the client to produce a work that they will use to express themselves in the world. Our work is public, and openly discussed and critiqued by our clients' friends and family. Our work does not hang on walls, but is on every street and in every home. Our work is in every mirror, every movie, every portrait.
We do not work alone or in silence, but in loud, crowded studios, while touching the client and engaging them in both conversation and talk therapy. We often learn more about them than anyone else they know. 
We create a level of trust with our clients that supersedes most artist's relationships, because the work we create will alter the client's perception of themselves, and how they are perceived by their spouses, lovers, friends, family and society. The work will not sit on a mantle, but will frame their faces, actions and lives for months.
We work at all levels of society, with clients of every age, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle and background, and each work must reflect all of these factors as well as the client's individuality. We do not take breaks between projects, but finish one client's work and immediately greet the next client and begin theirs. When we transform a client's hair, we transform their lives.
We have created tolerant communities within our workspaces for decades, and continue to lead in workplace diversity. We are unapologetic feminists. When a client loses their hair to medical treatment, we are the first person they call.
We consider our work to be highly personal, connected, intuitive and profound. We form long-term relationships with our clients, often creating works with them for years.
We do all of this in one or two hours, and we turn a profit on every piece of art we create.
We are hairstylists, and we are artists and artisans.
-Dream State Salon, June 2013